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The meeting point of Asia and Europe, the capital of empires, Istanbul.

As Napoleon Bonaparte stated, “If the world were a single country, its capital would be Istanbul.”

Istanbul is a city that has always been a source of inspiration for world-famous writers. A city about which poems, songs, novels, and legends have been written and which has accompanied many lovers…

Istanbul is waiting to be discovered with its magnificent natural beauties, minarets reaching to the sky, gilded domes, palaces, mansions, museums, parks, monuments, and towers.

Istanbul is unlike anywhere else in the world.

We are proud to accompany you on this epic journey…

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You can purchase your tickets from our website and Belbim sales points. It is free for 0-8 year-olds.
Bus for Us departures start at 10.00 a.m. every weekday from Sultanahmet Square and go on every hour until 5.00 p.m

* The tickets purchased through Belbim become active on the bus within 72 hours.

Hop-on hop-off at any stop in 24 hours.

You can get on or off the bus from any stop you want for 24 hours.

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Sightseeing Spots

Our double decker buses are ready to introduce you to the city’s most magnificent natural beauties, blue sea, and cultural heritage.

Treats & Events

Our double decker buses are ready to introduce you to the natural beauties, blue sea and cultural heritage in Istanbul’s European and Asian sides.
You can get on and off the bus as much as you want within 24 hours among 12 stops, which are easily accessible to the Basilica Cistern, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Dolmabahce Palace, Blue Mosque and many rich historical monuments and bazaars to see.
During the trip, you will have detailed information about Istanbul in eight languages (Turkish, English,French, German, Russian, Spanish, Persian, Arabic)!
Sit back and discover the historical peninsula of Istanbul by having the hygienic kit, headphones, vehicle service attendant, internet access rights we have prepared for you!

24 Hours Valid Ticket

You can take as many Busforus Istanbul tours as you want on our unique route.
Our hop-on hop-off Busforus tours give you the chance to plan your day as you wish.
Within 24 hours, you can explore the entire route and discover new places.
You just have to wait for the next bus to continue from where you left off.

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Discover 2 Continents in 1 Journey

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