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Taksim Square

The square, which is connected to the district of Beyoglu, takes its name from the historical trough structure located here for water distribution. A trough, a water structure building, is the first construction work in the square and is in the Classical Ottoman style. Mahmud I established this system. These pipes, scales, and aqueducts, which brought water to the city for the first time from the forests in the north of the city in 1732-1733, ended in the Taksim region and the stored water was distributed in various directions from the corner at the corner.

The Taksim Republic Monument, which takes place in the middle of the square, was built in 1925 by the Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica. The monument is 11 meters high and was designed as a square fountain. It was inaugurated with a spectacular ceremony in 1928. Taksim Artillery Barracks, built in 1806, was demolished at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, Gezi Park is located on the site of the barracks. The Taksim Square was arranged according to the plan prepared by the famous French urbanist-architect Henri Prost within the scope of Istanbul planning in the 20th century. The Taksim Republic Square has been the most important area where important national days are celebrated in Istanbul and has witnessed some social and historical events over time. In this respect, it has an important place in the memory of the city.

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