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The Bosphorus


The Bosphorus, which lies between Asia and Europe, is one of the busiest and narrowest waterways in the world. It is one of the two important straits connecting the countries located in the north of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean countries for centuries. The Bosphorus, with a length of approximately 30 km, is located in the middle of an important industry, trade, transportation, and tourism center with approximately 16 million people living around it.

The Bosporus plays an important role not only in urban transportation but also in international transportation. That’s why maritime traffic is increasing day by day. An average of 129 ships per day and 46,939 ships per year pass in transit. This number rises even more with the ferryboats carrying passengers, fishing, and pleasure boats. The Bosporus has had a great importance as a gateway and a natural channel since the earliest times of history.

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